Trahana soup with feta cheese and toasted bread

“Many generations have grown with this traditional dish. Tasteful, nutritious and healthy. It is usually eaten warm and it has been one of the main dishes for breakfast. There are different kinds of trahana, sweet, sour or with vegetables. After many efforts from the Culinary Professional Greece, Trahanas has been characterized and included, as a gourmet breakfast in all the luxury hotels of the town”.


6 cups of chicken stock or water
2 tablespoons of cow butter
1 cup trahana
1 teaspoon salt
200gr.crumbled feta cheese
4 slices of toasted bread


Bring the stock to boil and pour in the trahana with the butter, stirring regularly, preventing it from becoming lumpy. Boil in medium heat for 6-7′ min and add salt in the end. Leave the thahana to become mushy. Add the cheese and serve.
Eat the soup with toasted bread. In another version trahana can be cooked with olive oil instead of butter and replace cheese with strained yogurt.
Servings 4